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    PW Cormanthor

    Hi there! Thanks for offering this resource to the community

    Server Name: Cormanthor
    Website: (we have our own forum so don't need any forum or bug tracker, thanks )
    Genre: Roleplay
    Expected Player Count: We had planned for a limit of about 30 slots but don't expect to hit that (just yet)
    Haks used: Custom (See list here:,25.0.html)
    Desired Operating System: Windows (we also require a mySQL database)

    Tell us about yourself: I'm a long-time NWNer (bought at launch, and started playing online in Jan 03), cut my teeth on Battledale and Battledale 2 as player and DM. Since that server closed its doors I've been a player on RP servers such as TSM, C&D, and Myth Drannor, and was one of the founding builder & DM team (and later Admin) of the Cormanthor server. I closed the server down in 2012 for a variety of reasons, but EE has piqued my interest to see if there's still an appetite for good solid RP in a Forgotten Realms setting.

    Cormanthor itself was - and will hopefully again be - a heavy Roleplay server weighted toward Euro timezone activity. We believe in a gritty and unflashy interpretation of the Forgotten Realms lore, running a mid-magic setting with a focus on playing adventurers with stories of their own as well as having a part to play in wider regional affairs. A lot of development is player driven - the past had guilds spring up with headquarters, and 'ruins' in the module reclaimed by bands of elves to re-develop into defences against drow. In that respect we aim for a living, breathing, developing world where characters have agency.

    I realise there's potentially a wait to get set up but that's no problem, I'm happy to accept what you're able to offer, and whenever, as we are just in the process of getting things set up again on our end.
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