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    Running These Persistent Worlds

    Hello StilleVande and other Owners

    I would like to address something that is on my mind - I have a good thing going here running my world and things are just getting better and better..

    but I am wondering how long do you intend to allow us to run server off your machine because it keeps striking at me that one day your going to inform us " sorry guys but I have to close this down" after short period..

    I know thing "end sooner or later" but I was wondering would we get a few years using this on your virtual machine??

    I don't want to sound such a kill joy or negative but its something we all need to add because your running so many??

    Hope you hear from you soon

    Sorry if this message sounds awful..


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    It makes complete sense for a person to think of this man. Usually free services are flaky, or a way to bring in additional money to some degree.

    I have 6 servers that is completely owned by me that I run servers off of, so all hardware is paid for.

    I was originally going to use them for bitcoin mining, but I decided to do this because, well..... I simply love the game.

    I have no intention of ever bringing down the service or make people pay for it.

    The only thing I can think of that may cause me to shut down the service is losing my job (which will probably never happen, lol). If that does happen, I will put a Patreon up for everyone to assist paying for the internet service until a new job opportunity arises.

    But, we've been going on for almost a year now. Hopefully we will be doing this for another 10 years
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    Written more than often, but still it needs to be written again: THANK YOU for taking your part in keeping NWN alive! Thumbs up!

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