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    Bugs and module changes.

    So, my cousin and I are without doubt the ones who've spent the most time on this server since it went up, and we do have a few points to address.

    We're still seeing the "subrace hide" bug for some reason or another. Last time I think it was fixed by disabling the "item level restrictions" setting on the server, but that is already in place here, so something else must be causing it.

    My cousin also encountered some other bug, which has now caused his character (drow) to become unfriendly/enemies with his own faction. Whenever he approaches boats, cities or other evil/Underdark aligned NPCs they start attacking him. Since his "spawn-point" after exiting the fugue plane is chaulssin, the result is, that he is being killed by the NPCs and immediately sent back to fugue. I had to carry his corpse all the way to Mulrok and use my hard earned coins to get the priest to resurrect him (Underdark faction is still hostile towards him).

    This brings me to another topic, loot tables. The cost of resurrecting someone with the help of a priest is 15k + donations on the corpse to increase success. I barely managed to scrape enough gold together to perform _one_ resurrection, which was necessary to break the fugue-spawn-die loop my cousin was/is experiencing. After your modification of loot tables, you typically get 5-20 gold pieces on creature drops, and if you're very lucky, you may get an item worth 50-500gp typically. Factor in adventuring supplies (heal kits, potions, etc) it takes a significant amount of time to accumulate any degree of wealth.

    The changes you've done to experience gains are also at times questionable. Once you reach levels 10+, soloing anything worth your time becomes very challenging. Of course, you can play it safe and adventure lower levels areas, but you'll get 5-20xp per kill in return, which will make the game one long boring grind. If you wan't to get some more action and better rewards, you risk a high increase in the probability of dying and associated high experience loss from exiting fugue or high gold cost of resurection.

    Generally, in regards to all your modifications and intended future updates of the module, please don't - or at least consider them very, very carefully. Keep in mind that Ironfist/niceduck and the previous builders of the ajojahti crew have spent years designing and tweaking this module, carefully balancing a multitude of parameters, which all add up to the wonderful world we've immersed ourselves in for countless of hours. We believe the changes you've made are hurting the spirit of the module - it may look the same, but it definitely does not feel the same. We're starting to feel more frustrated as we play, instead of actually having fun and enjoying the module.

    Hence, our plea is to revert to the original module last run during the olden days of ajojahti/genesis nordock, which is available from the NWNvault.

    Please take our considerations to heart, as we currently make up the primary player-base of the server


    Cremer and GeneralGung

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    This damned subrace bug. I'm really stumped. I have no idea what it could be this time. It could be one of a million things so I really don't know what I can do. Does it behave the same? The object keep "cloning" itself in the inventory?

    About factions in underdark. I am not really sure what that problem can be. Maybe "something" has been done against the faction to make it "pissed off". It is actually possible even in Benzor to get "hated" by the guards I think. Bug or feature...I don't know....but again...its not really anything I have changed (at least not knowlingly). The module was reset now...does the problem still persist?

    About your other things you wrote I am sorry that I have to be really blunt with you and say that you are whining. The changes made are really small. The biggest change is that I actually balanced, or tried to, balance the infamous "xp-ing" areas. I felt it was so sad that the module was so big but only like 1 percent of it was used because all (including me) went to these xp-ing areas. Sure...might be an "unpopular" fix but I am proud that I came as far as I did and that exploring more of the module is now more worth.

    I think you are having a bit "rose-tinted glasses" on you pertaining how it was in the old days. Don't forget that the admin team (not really sure which one it was) actually nuked most of the high quality areas in the module because of roleplay events...without making backups to the module. Anyway that is just one of the things (but a mayor one).

    When you say things like "they fine-tuned the module" for years - I call bs. Sure...most of the things the latest team did was good but letting these uber xp-ing areas exist must be considered a failiure.

    Didn't you already play like a year on this module already? The last time right...when I was the host...(?). I know, you where whining back then also, like "ooo momiii I cant xp fast enough buhuuu" kind of thing

    Personally I think you should learn to relax and "smell the roses" more while you play. Not that I am huge advocate of roleplaying...but I mean, god COULD actually do some roleplaying I mean how many times have you "dinged out at max level" on this a hundred times right? I mean comon have nothing more to prove....we ARE the best

    Naturally its gonna be hard to interact with anyone when you decided to play in the underdark, considering the low population state that the server is in now. Really not sure why you did that decision. Then making a sorcerer. I mean with a sorcerer you are not supposed to be able to solo ANYTHING until you are like in the epic levels.


    I know my edit of the server is a little slower in leveling but don't forget there are many "meta" reasons for it also. Like the low population. I mean players help each other. They actually do. Adventuring together for example. Many times they even help others unknowlingly, by selling stuff to the vendors or whatever...crafting and whatnot.

    But again...I mean fun is it to ding out at max level...I mean...what are you going to do after that...


    I am sorry to be all blunt and stuff....but this is my edit of the server and I like it this way. Sure its a tiny bit harder...but thats good. It will last longer.


    There are other solutions....and I am not saying this to be sarcastic or anything but there is actually another really good Nordock server out there. It is called Ages of Nordock and is run by a really great bunch of guys, that I knew for a long time. However...there are some small shortcomings in their module...I actually tried to get them to try this module (like 4 years ago or more) but I think they invested a lot of time in still almost as good as the Genesis one I think (minor shortcomings in crafting and fewer high level areas) but the big thing for me was that it was too easy/fast to level up in it. They have 0 xp death penalty and whatnot. I mean start playing there. You'll ding out at max level after a couple of days and you'll be wading through all sorts of inba magic gear

    If all else fails....

    Like you said....the module is on the vault...I mean the original from the old Genesis team. If you really hate my edits soo much. Do something! Get it hosted!

    Ok...again...sorry for being so blunt and all...but I am like that. I know you are my only players at the moment...but I really can't (or want) to suger coat things.
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    Alright, your call anyway.

    Yes, the subrace hide is "cloning" itself in the inventory. Seem to be getting another copy once in a while when I level up. Will keep my eye out to see if I can narrow down the trigger better.

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    And btw, I think your newest CEP update broke something.
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    Does the subrace hide maybe clone itself every time the server is reset?

    ( That screenshot...where is it taken? It looks like huge horses Have you updated your client (your computer) to CEP v 2.62? ) EDIT: I found where it was. Looking into the problem...thanks for reporting...
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    Shuffled around the order of some HAK's in the module as well as again running the hour long "module rebuild"...that COULD have solved the problem but I didn't find any good way of testing it unfortunately :-o Please inform me if you happen to run past that area again (Dread Castle - Dungeon).

    It was the "Dragonkin, red" that looked like giant horses
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    I've stumbled upon a possible cause for the subrace hide bug (and the "pc properties" useless loot item a lot of creatures are dropping). It's a well-known bug caused by the NWN patch 1.69 and horse system. Take a look at these links:
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    Hmm yeah...a lot of text there...

    Also I am sceptical to the "fix" in the second link. It seems to "remove" the PC properties altogether....I think that object is actually necessery for the subrace system to work

    There seems to be a "quickfix" for players there...I guess thats how you are coping today?

    I'll be on the lookout for possible fixes but to be frank I won't put too much time into it. It is really the same module that was running without the same error. So the error could still be in server settings or something similar....

    Also I am not really a fan of these sub-races myself (or rather how they where implemented)
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    My memory might be deceiving me, but when the old ajojahti/genesis server was running, i think it was running patch 1.68? Maybe the horse system/patch was released by bioware after the server was taken down.

    EDIT: nevermind! apparently patch 1.69 was released some time 2008. The genesis module was released to the public 2009, right?

    Yea, you definitely might be right about the 2nd link possibly breaking subraces.

    I've tried the "Quickslot re-equip" method on my sorc, and it doesn't work. Every time you log on to the server, you receive a hide, which is then equipped, so the slot is occupied. If you try the quickbar fix, then you just swap out the equipped hide for whatever you have in your inventory (and associated subrace abilities).

    If we can't figure out a proper fix, then players may need your dm'ing abilities from time to time, to manually remove the hides .. Will let you know when im too fed up with mine, already have an entire inventory slot full of them :P!

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    You guys did choose the subrace when your character was "new" right? At level 1 that is....?

    Not sure it would matter but....
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