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    Made it so that subrace hide None is not created on levelup. We'll see if this fix helps...
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    So can I throw all of those hides away? Also we really need to do something about the monster EXP. First of all I think the minimum EXP should be 1, I don't think anyone above level 5 should get more than 1 EXP for a goddamn rat... But that's not all, all EXP is fucked up to me, a monster that can kill me with a single hit with a special ability is worth minimal EXP like the Bodak. Or enemies that are not anywhere near being "effortless" like the Revenants, skeleton warriors or chieftains etc. Those guys hit hard and my lvl 11 warrior with a decent build and items sometimes needs to run if there are more than one and if they are lucky and get a crit in. They really shouldn't be worth minimal EXP... There are a bunch of weird things like that with a lot of enemies, some are worth too much EXP, most are worth too little. Hobgoblin shamans or whatever they're called are worth over 200 EXP to my char right now, seems like a lot but they throw fingers of death, they are immune to everything, really hard to kill, and my char is really strong, he hits like a truck and they're mages, they can hold you, blind and do pretty much anything else to you and they come in groups so it's pretty much a sure death unless you're on epic levels or have items that give you immunity to death spells. They really should be worth a lot more, it's a really dangerous and epic fight for my 11 lvl char.

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    You also started with subraces now? :-o

    The thing is...I dont think you CAN throw the hides away...well not yourself at least and not without DM intervention. Also at least one hide should probably be left and equiped.

    The problem with balance is both game wide and also module wide. It is a longer, ongoing and tedious work...which I frankly dont expect to finish in this lifetime. There are many things complicating the work. Mainly encounters using the games default monsters. If there are custom monsters in the encounters...I can just "inflate" the monsters CR value...but this is not the case normally...especially as with most undeads that you mentioned. So...I have to first create a custom monster that kind of resembles the standard one...then I have to replace that in each and every instance where they appear (mostly encounters) that are usually module get the picture...I've actually done it a lot...and as I said it is a slow but still ongoing work.

    I think its important to remember what this game is really. To understand that it is 15 years old...and that most of the content that we are playing was created by players. You just have to accept some level inperfection and roll with it basically. This module has been running "as is"...for like 10 years almost...and it was wastly popular. At times perhaps one of the most popular PW's out there.

    But sure....keep reporting unbalanced monsters...and please also the areas that you found them...and I'll slowly but surely, try to deal with them...if they are indeed deemed inbalanced to such an extent that they need adjustment...

    I was thinking about another thing...I mean looking at the most popular PW's out seems they don't build their popularity on the quality of their module (most of them are shit :-P ) but it seems that many players want to weave stories. Personally I am not into that all that much unfortunately...perhaps someone is...or magically appears...

    Oh...about the min XP thing...that was a mistake of mine. It was always at 5. I raised it to 10....because I thought that the module was so its only fair to give SOME xp for killing "crap" monsters...but it seems to be too easily some player blatantly leveling up to tier 10 quite fast by just clearing Benzor Sewers over and over again :-o In a way it wasn't so bad...because he still had to spend time to do it and I understand him. The core of playing on this module is to explore and to find out what is the best place for you "right now"...which can indeed be frustrating...but its just what it is...

    I haven't decided the absoulte value of the minXP parameter yet...and maybe never will....but probably somewhere between 5-8. The thing is...if you play the game like you are supposed to....discovering new places....the minXP will not be so important to you...because you will usually be playing quite high above that level....but I still want to give some XP to casuals and new players. Please remember that I am trying to get almost completely new players to NWN here and we have to cut them some slack also.

    Also you ARE kind of supposed to sometimes clear low level monsters just to make gold. Again the minXP doesnt really "hurt" better players so its not a HUGE thing if it is a bit higher. I mean better too high then too low. The only problem that could arise is if for example if we have many players on the server and high level players decide to monopolise the sewers, always keeping it clean so that low levels don't have a place to XP and in worst case also keep running into encounters spawned by the higher levels. Somehow this last problem feels very distant at the moment though...

    Personally I like the tweak I did to how the XP is distributed. Not a huge change but it does help to reward exploring....because the limits are actually not as "tight" as they where....
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    I think silhouette just proved my point, that the subrace hide bug has absolutely nothing to do with actual subraces . You wanted a "clean" account proof, well, here it is. Also, no, the hides cannot be disposed by any player means. A DM has to remove them manually (or some sort of subrace hide remover NPC has to be implemented, would probably require some fancy scripting to do it). Furthermore, I guess I understand now, why you've always left me with 1 hide in my inventories, after you've cleaned them up a bit in terms of excess hides. That's not really required, unless you still haven't equipped it, since the server hands you a new and equips one every time you log-in. So most of my chars are still stuck with the last hide you did not remove Superfly . But if players just remember to try and re-equip the hides, if a copy appears in the inventory (it's important to do it as soon as the first copy appears!), then the problem really isn't that big. Focus your attention on other matters, I think.

    I'll tune in regarding the XP too. I think it's great Superfly is trying to adjust the CRs of some monsters to make progression more fluent, and also make other areas less commonly used more attractive in terms of adventuring and leveling. I perfectly understand this is a very tedious process. Also, Silhouette, I understand if you feel like hitting your head against the wall with your character. Fact is, in NWN caster-classes/magic users have a huge advantage unless the modules somehow restricts them, while non-magic users (especially melee classes) can have a really hard time (trust me, I also have a 2H weaponmaster). I wouldn't say our module is targeted to power-builds, but as soon as you hit around lvl 10, that's where the builds really separate in terms of soloing ability (Maus can probably also relate to this). Pure non-magic melee classes are gonna get stomped most likely (rogue, fighter, barb, wm, etc). They may have their offensive abilities in order and hit hard, but most likely, they'll suffer due to lower defensives (e.g. poor saving throws vs. spells, low AC), as you said yourself, 1on1 it's fine, but group sizes always get the better of you.

    To get a 2H wm (or other non-magic melee classes) into higher levels, your best bet is to team up with a good tank, a mage/support class, or even bettter, both.

    Regarding the amount of XP: personally, I dont give a rats ass about minimum XP, I'd rather see higher maximum XP for really challenging monsters (higher risks, higher rewards), and a lower XP loss for fighting mobs around your own level or slightly below, as it drops very quickly (as you also adjusted recently, superfly, kudos!). But....fact is, killing rats to level 10 probably shouldn't be viable :P.

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    Re-posting from module changes thread.

    Tweaked XP, lowered slightly, BUT, removed the party and henchmen penalty! Party level limit increased to 6.

    Finally partying up is not penalised...and how the game was supposed to be played I guess. So get on Discord and level-up!
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    In one week on Tuesday the 16:th of january there will be an event. I hope to see most of you guys there :-)

    It will be 15-16 o'clock EST time or 21-22 o'clock CET time (central european time).
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    The event if OFF for now. I will tell you if we make a possible re-schedule of the event.
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