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Thread: Genesis Nordock

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    We are looking good indeed! I tried all I could right now and it all seems to work! Yippie yippie waw waw!

    Also, do you have a servervault you want moved over?
    No thanks. No need for that. We are definately starting from scratch :-)

    Cremer: ah yes that rings the bell

    Thanks again Stillevande for helping me setting it up...and also for hosting it naturally.

    Now lets show the world which game is the best MMORPG in the world!

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    Perfect! We will get together soon and I will assist you on getting remote access to your machine.
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    Guess who just made a homepage?!?!

    Damn right!
    Genesis Nordock - An NWN persistent world server (v1.69) - Homepage:

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