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December 11, 1974 (43)
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Old school Gamer and Dad.
Lover of Speedruns.


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NWNCX v0.2.9 : The Neverwinter Nights Client Extender is a set of files that modifies the player-side game client s ... 03-01-2017 4
CEP 2.62 : The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) is a large hak pak collection of free, community-made custom cont ... 03-01-2017 9
Project Q v2.2 : Project Q ("Q" standing for "quality") is an effort by several members of the Neverwinter Nights com ... 03-01-2017 6
CTP v1.5 and v2 : The Community Tileset Project (CTP) is a compilation of tilesets, some released independently on the ... 03-01-2017 5
CSP v2.1 : Inspired by the CEP, the CTP, the CMP and the CCP, this is my contribution to the sets of Nwn commun ... 03-01-2017 3
CMP v1.0 (1.69 compliant) : The CMP is a compilation of 235 of the finest community contributed music. Artists range from gaming ... 03-01-2017 6
CCP v2.2 : The Community Creature Project is an organization dedicated to improving the NWN play experience by ... 03-01-2017 4
PRC 3.5 : The Player Resource Consortium (PRC) is a community-created custom content expansion pack that inclu ... 03-01-2017 4
Worm's Misc Tilesets : Lord of Worms created an excellent set of haks that many Persistent Worlds use. This does not incl ... 03-01-2017 14
Mirkwood Swamp : Filename: ~mirkv16.hak 11-04-2017 0
Underdark Lava : Filename: ~underdrklava.hak 11-04-2017 0
Misc Hak MultiPack : This hak contains multiple individual Haks that is commonly used in the NWN community. This file is ... 03-01-2017 18
Community Patch 1.71 : The Community patch 1.71 is an unofficial patch, that is compiled from work of numerous NWN communit ... 03-01-2017 2
NWNTX 1.0.5 : The Neverwinter Nights Toolset Extender is a set of files that modifies the Aurora toolset software. ... 03-01-2017 3
Generic Portrait Pack( : Here is a portrait Pack that contains roughly 1000 portraits for you to use in NWN. 03-01-2017 3
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Wow, what a first four months!!

by StilleVande on 06-21-2017 at 10:45 PM
Just absolutely amazing! I would have never imagined how well received or humble service has gotten.

In a span of four months, we have assisted eight Neverwinter Nights communities, which is the reason I built this place for. To give back some love to the community that gave me so many find memories and times. To think of the sheer amount of hours I poured into NWN boggles my mind.

When I spun up the first initial pieces of the site, I didn't know how the NWN community

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End of week one.

by StilleVande on 02-23-2017 at 09:50 PM
Wow, it's been crazy this past week. Getting everything ready for launch, hosting worlds, spreading the love.

What started this all up was that I started hosting a server, then started remembering back in the day. When players wanted to browse what was going on in the week, they would go to Neverwinter Connections. Man, I remember that site. ........ then it occurred to me. There isn't a place like that anymore.

But I have a way to change that.


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