Category Description Files
Client / Game Updates In here you will find several different types of things. From upgrading your client to modern time, to visual upgrades, this is the place. 5
Toolset Related Here you will find files that will either update or enhance the Toolset. 7
Community Hak Systems This section contains many Community made HAK systems, including: CEP 1/2, CTP, CSP, CCP, CMP, PRC 3.5, etc. 9
Persistent World Files This section contains the custom files needed to play on a server we host. Remember to read the commentson each server, since they also may need some Community Hak Systems. 55
Individual Haks In this section you will find individual HAKS that you may use while playing online. None of these are specific to any Persistent World. 29
Portrait Packs Useful Portrait Packs found within the NWN Community. 1
Dedicated Server Related If you host an NWN server, then the files you will find inside section may be essential for administering you server and/or players, your system to work. Come take a look. 4
Single Player Modules 0
Scripts 1

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