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Dedicated Server 1.69

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Uploaded by StilleVande - 03-04-2017
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The Neverwinter Nights dedicated server is an application that hosts a Neverwinter Nights game but does not run the game client interface. You may want to use the dedicated server if you want to host a game but you don't intend to play in that game for the entire duration.

Another reason to use the dedicated server would be that you have two computers and want to share the processing load between them (one computer can run the dedicated server and the other one connects to it from the normal Neverwinter Nights game client). Please note that you can also start a server from within the game client or the DM client.

The dedicated server does not 'use up' your CD key. You can run one or more dedicated servers and still run one copy of either your game client or the DM client.




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