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Anderfell Haks - v.95a (Core)

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Uploaded by Anderfell DM Tiamat - 03-03-2017
Author Author DM Tiamat, with files from numerous contributors!
File Size File Size 4.00 GB
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This is the official release of version 0.6a of our hak! Future updates will be made to the topmost and bottom-most haks, which will be posted independently as they are modified; so downloading it now will get some of the time out of the way later -- although I will be updating the ZIP file as well.

These haks contain 2da's of largely if not wholly my own original composition and modification; however, I'm no modeller, nor do I do texture work -- and I can't pretend to either. The real credit for making all these files, and by transaction Anderfell, possible; that credit goes to the many vault creators. To name a few:

>Symphony's texturepacks
>The Amethyst Dragon and ZugothNDeady's creatures
>FailedBard's Phenotypes and animations
>Drowish mounts by DS
>Heads, weapons, armors and robes by Eurgigia
>Carcerian and Lisa's Tails
>Lisa's Armors
>Xaltar's High-def PC Models

>Fixed several 2da files
>Repaired the majority of model files
>Modelfiles for some armorparts still broken
>Digitigrade legs added as a default legpick (scaled only for now ;s)
>Several Placeables added
>Added several creatures
>Tilesets should MOSTLY be working properly now
>Added nonexisting 2da entry edits for Encumbrance, Placeable Sounds, Shark Sounds (which somehow missed their way into the original soundfiles and I only noticed later -- oops!), etc.
>Sound effects added
>Dragon Age Origins Spell Icons added for use with several class feats
>Modified Dongers (male textures and models improved)
>Improved Female Textures slightly
>Made Fantrolls Canon

Remaining updates will be delegated to Patc1 and Patc2 - or, if necessary to keep things filed off, a Patc3 file. These will be UPLOADED AS A SEPARATE ZIP UNDER THEIR RELEASE TITLE, AND IF THEY EXIST THEIR FILES MUST OVERRIDE THE ONES IN HERE!!!!




Anderfell DM Tiamat
06-10-2017 at 07:24 PM
The filesize is APPROXIMATED. I'll put the exact amount later. Apologies for the Inconvenience.

Furthermore, the files will need to sync. It may take between 1-3 hours for that to occur. Please check with me if there's any uncertainty to that fact. Thanks.

~DM Tiamat
Anderfell DM Tiamat
06-10-2017 at 09:07 PM
The TOTAL unzipped file-size is 12.6 Gigabytes - to play Anderfell, you MUST have this space free on your hard disk.
Installation instructions are included in the folder for all Anderfell content, including the separate overrides.
Anderfell DM Tiamat
06-14-2017 at 07:39 PM
Exact amount for the download size isn't registering properly.
The 7zip file is just under 5 gigs on the disk