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  1. Wow, what a first four months!!

    Just absolutely amazing! I would have never imagined how well received or humble service has gotten.

    In a span of four months, we have assisted eight Neverwinter Nights communities, which is the reason I built this place for. To give back some love to the community that gave me so many find memories and times. To think of the sheer amount of hours I poured into NWN boggles my mind.

    When I spun up the first initial pieces of the site, I didn't know how the NWN community ...
  2. A Return To Neverwinter

    I spent a number of years active as a builder in the NeverWinter Nights community for Persistent Worlds, as well as a Dungeon Master. Not many of my creations ever saw the light of day, such was the nature of many PW projects. A lot of optimism and hope, with little in the way of organization and development knowledge. Scripters in particular were hard to come by, especially ones able or willing to take on a teams needs, and was often where many projects fell apart.

    As such a lot ...
  3. End of week one.

    Wow, it's been crazy this past week. Getting everything ready for launch, hosting worlds, spreading the love.

    What started this all up was that I started hosting a server, then started remembering back in the day. When players wanted to browse what was going on in the week, they would go to Neverwinter Connections. Man, I remember that site. ........ then it occurred to me. There isn't a place like that anymore.

    But I have a way to change that.

    So, ...
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