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Here are the in’s and out’s of being hosted by StilleVande Hosting

The Good:

We will hand over to you your own server (not a shared environment) with 6 cores (using Xeon E5-1650 processors on the production systems), 4G of RAM, with 80G HDD space on 4x146G 15K SAS drives set RAID 10, along with a 40G NAS drive for off server storage.. You can choose the Operating System of choice, and you will have direct console access to the machine.

We will also give you a MySQL database if warranted, and a project entry in our bug tracking software for your module if you want it.

You also will have full administrative access to your Server, either Linux or Windows. You can install whatever is needed to administer your server as you see fit. 

I run a business class internet connection at home. I run a static IP, and the bandwidth for the connection is 200M Down / 20M up. I currently have a six server vCenter farm at home and every server in my vcenter cluster runs Xeon processors, and either SAS or SSD drives, so everything is enterprise grade hardware and is ran here. The webserver, mailservers, SQL server, and game servers are all in house. 

The Bad:

We run on a gentlemen’s agreement when we host you. We use common sense here, so there are not many straight out rules per say. Use the VPS for what its made for, and only that, NWN server hosting, and server/character maintenance. The rules we have is pretty straightforward, and most have a Zero tolerance policy on them, I.E. power off your VPS permanently:
  1. Do not install anything on the systems that you do not need for what it’s intended for. Only install applications needed for server maintenance, etc.
  2. Do not use any type of proxy, VPN, Socks5 service, ToR, etc. There is no need for you to encrypt any data out of my system using a tunneled connection. – Zero Tolerance.
  3. Do not do anything illegal. No news groups, torrent sites, hacking sites, porn sites… anything illegal at all. – Zero Tolerance.
  4. No network sniffing, port scanning, DDoS initiations, man-in-the-middle attacks, etc. – Zero Tolerance
  5. Do not try to use systems for any mail or SMTP services (or any services not dealing the the NWN server for that matter). I have most normal and common hosting services blocked out the firewall. – Zero Tolerance.
  6. Actually use the service. If you do not use the service in a few months, I will decommission your machine. There are usually other people waiting in line, and it isn’t fair to them. If you want it again, then you’ll need to re-apply.
  7. When in doubt, use common sense.

The Ugly:

And now the ugly. If you do a Zero Tolerance, I will simply make a copy of your databases and servervault, power down your system, and email you your players data. When I host you, you are running on my network, not some datacenter in an unknown location with no access. Anything that may bring the wrath of the law upon me will be severely dealt with. If government entities come knocking here looking for data because of your actions, I will gladly hand them over a complete copy of your system.

So, more or less, use common sense, use the VPS for what it is intended for, actually use it, and you can keep the VPS indefinitely.

Also, please know that I am building this as I go at home. There will be occasional outages, since I don’t have backup generators, etc. But I am working on getting all the pices in place to make it as close as I can, including getting some power BBU’s etc.

If you have any questions at all, please ask.