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What is offered by StilleVande Hosting.

The Good:

We offer hosting for any game in which there is a Docker container for it’s dedicated server.

I run an eight server virtualized environment at home, so using Docker containers lets me use my environment to it’s best potential. All these servers have a E5 Series Xeon processor(s), 16G of ECC RAM, and 4x10K 146G SAS drives set RAID10.

The Bad:

Since Docker is not setup to be used as a multi-tenent environment, there is no way to stop one person from stopping anyone else’s Docker container. Because of this, you will not have access to the actual files of the server. If you would like any files from your container, it will need to be transferred via Discord, Google Drive, email, etc.

The Ugly:

If you would like to stop being hosted, I will simply make a copy of your server’s data, power down your system, and email you your players data.

Also, please know that I am building this as I go at home. There will be occasional outages, since I don’t have backup generators, etc. But I am working on getting all the pices in place to make it as close as I can, including getting some power BBU’s etc.

If you have any questions at all, please ask.