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Welcome to Salvation!

As a NWN:EE PW Action server, we host a consistent experience that enables the player to feel their character is very powerful. Salvation hosts several unique features and has a progression scale from level 1 to level 40. There are several advantages to Salvation over some of the other servers, keeping in line with Beamdog’s development schedule for NWN:EE, while maintaining availability and usage to all who visit. Many people have said the server is a progressive dungeon crawler in style with a hack and slash action game at it’s core! This enables players to get rewarded in many various ways for overcoming milestones, couple that with an active server community and development team, and it is sure to be one of your favorite NWN:EE experiences.

Some of Salvation’s Features:

  • Standard Toolset Development – No need for CEP or HAK packs.
  • Level Range 1 to 40 – Epic builds are a key to survival on Salvation!
  • DM Events – DM Events are held for players to enjoy a change of pace or a challenge, rewards may include gear, DM Tokens, gold, or levels!
  • XP Banking – Transfer or Store Xp, or even Trade excess Xp in for additional DM Tokens!
  • Persistent Bank – Persistent Chests, Gold Deposit, and more!
  • Faction based PvP – For those which enjoy being part of a group, and building up a base of operations, Faction Clans are a great place to be.
  • Characters Reborn – Turn in enough DM Tokens, and you can reap the rewards of a new and more powerful character race! Over 20 options currently, with more added regularly!
  • Custom Spell, Feat, and Ability Changes – Sometimes we want things to just be better, so A LOT of scripting has been completed to make some abilities stronger and make others from overshadowing other players.
  • Player Tools – When you first arrive on Salvation, you will find a host of player tools in your inventory. These are things like Port stones, follow tool, and an automatic buff stick!
  • PvP and Non-PvP Areas
  • Progressive Leveling – Areas are designed so you can explore and feel accomplished when you get through a host of minions to defeat a boss.
  • Player Decided Gear Rewards – The BEST part of this server is that each of the major “boss” enemies drop an item which let you decide what your rewarded weapon type or armor will be!
  • and Much Much More!!!

Features in Development!

  • New Areas, Enemies, and Bosses
  • New Items
  • New PvP Areas and Purpose Additions
  • New Vendors
  • New Reborn Races
  • and More!!!