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24Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery Low3.6.1 ChangelistNew
Task Description

Added new Hak Installer
Added Practiced Mindblade and Mind Cleave feats

Energy Ray can no longer target the manifester
Sanctified Mind updated with proper Hard to Hold ability

Fixed cast duration bug with Warlock
Fixed bug with spellbooks
Fixed bug with PLAYER_SPEED switch
Fixed bug with PNP_ARMOR_SPEED switch
Fixed bug with Snowflake Wardance
Fixed bug with Knight of the Weave requirements
Fixed bug with PNP_SOMATIC_ITEMS switch

Altered active switches

22ClassBug ReportMediumLowSoulknife doesn't work in MPNew
Task Description

The soulknife’s manifest mindblade ability is creating level 7 weapons the character cannot use.
This only appears to happen in multiplayer sessions, even with only one character in it.
Affects all weapon shapes *except* dual blade.

21ClassBug ReportMediumLowWarlock Dark Invocations not workingNew
Task Description

Warlock Dark Discorporation
Warlock Dark Foresight
Warlock Eldritch Doom
Warlock Path of Shadow
Warlock Steal Summoning (I think)
Warlock Utterdark Blast
Warlock Word of Changing

20SpellBug ReportVery LowLowPrismatic Wall not working properlyUnconfirmed
Task Description

Casting of prismatic wall summons a big cube tower of many colors, no effects happen upon crossing said “cube”.

18ClassBug ReportVery LowLowSelect Favored Soul spells not workingUnconfirmed
Task Description

Spores of the Vrok and Blade Barrier spells produce no effect when used.

13Backend / CoreFeature RequestDeferVery Low3.6 Release ChangelistWorking
Task Description

Added Trip, Grapple, Bull Rush, Overrun, Charging

New Races:

New Classes:
Psychic Rogue psionic base class
Acolyte of the Ego Truenaming prestige class
Frostrager prestige class
Sacred Purifier prestige class
Serene Guardian prestige class
Reaping Mauler prestige class
Blighter prestige class
Nentyar Hunter prestige class
Battlesmith prestige class
Warforged Juggernaut prestige class
Frost Mage prestige class
Wayfarer Guide prestige class
Shadowbane Inquisitor prestige class
Shadowbane Stalker prestige class
Knight of the Weave prestige class
Spelldancer prestige class
Abjurant Champion prestige class (by Phoenix Ascended)

Changed Classes:
Duelist prestige class - All existing Duelists will not work in 3.6 due to extensive bug fixing
True Necromancer prestige class - All existing True Necromancers will not work in 3.6 due to extensive bug fixing
Paladin - now gains Detect Evil at 1st level

New Domains:
Cold, Winter

New Feats:
Ascetic Stalker, Daring Outlaw, Expanded Ki Pool, Improved Skirmish, Swift Ambusher, Brutal Throw, Extra Rage, Flying Kick, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, Improved Overrun, Improved Bullrush, Curling Wave Strike, Sidestep Charge, Powerful Charge, Greater Powerful Charge, Rhino Tribe Charge, Furious Charge, Reckless Charge, Great Stag Berserker, Lion Tribe Warrior, Snow Tiger Berserker, Two Weapon Pounce, Desert Fire, Desert Wind Dodge, Devoted Bulwark, Avenging Strike, Rapid Assault, Superior Unarmed Strike, Vital Recovery, Shadow Blade, Blade Meditation, Divine Spirit, Ironheart Aura, Shadow Trickster, White Raven Defense, Instant Clarity, Sudden Recovery, Song of the White Raven, Beckon the Frozen, Chosen of Iborighu, Faith in the Frost, Mountaineer, Snowflake Wardance, Snap Kick, Psychic Renewal, Tiger Blooded, Stone Power, Efficient Defender, Trap Engineer, Weapon and Torch, Anvil of Thunder, Hammer’s Edge, High Sword Low Axe, Spinning Halberd, Three Mountains, Vae School, Inlindl School, Divine Intercession, Profane Agony, Spiderfriend Magic, Unspeakable Vow, Lolth’s Boon, Psychic Refusal, Xaniqos School, Improved Cohort, Ecclesiarch, Great Diplomat, Shield Wall, Corrupt Spell Focus, Greater Corrupt Spell Focus, Deformity (Skin), Haunting Melody, Master of Knowledge, Unnatural Will, Heat Endurance, Improved Heat Endurance, Light of Aurifar, Frozen Magic, Practiced Manifester (Psy Rogue), Power Knowledge (Psy Rogue), Killoren Ancient, Killoren Destroyer, Killoren Hunter, Mind Cleave (by Arisu), Practiced Mindblade (by Arisu)

New Spells:
Contagious Touch

Fixed requirements error for Pale Master
Fixed Knight of the Middle Circle Combat Sense
Fixed Brimstone Speaker and Bereft not clearing their Law of Resistance/Sequence variables
Fixed Scout Skirmish damage on ranged weapons
Fixed Swordsage Insightful Strike requirements
Tweaked Duskblade Arcane Channeling to be more player friendly
Fixed Bowman’s Focus not requiring a bow
Fixed Fist of Hextor Damage stacking
Fixed Contemplative DR not working
Fixed Sohei DR and Expertise attack bonus
Fixed Utterdark Blast healing undead
Fixed Package bug Beamdog introduced with PRC base classes
Fixed Swordsage maneuver recovery conversation
Fixed Control Object psionic power
Fixed Shadow Sun Ninja Unarmed Damage and Touch of the Shadow Sun
Fixed Shifting Defense maneuver
Fixed One With Shadow maneuver
Fixed Ballista Throw
Fixed Step of the Dancing Moth
Fixed Fool’s Strike
Gave Rapid Counter description, message on hit
Fixed Necropolitan not being immune to negative energy damage
Fixed errors with Rebuke/Command undead
Fixed error with undead hitdice
Fixed Balance on the Sky
Fixed Stalker in the Night
Fixed Tornado Throw
Fixed Grim Revenge
Fixed Crisis of Breath
Capped Swash Damage bonus at 20 to prevent overflows
Fixed minor issue with Comet Throw
Fixed missing strref for PnP Familiars
Fixed minor issues with Diabolist
Fixed Command Undead not always Commanding Undead
Fixed minor issue with cohort sneak attack
Fixed wizards being unable to take Blacklight spell
Fixed Bioware campaign script killing PRC Cohorts
Deactivated Strongheart Halfling due to incurable bonus feat bug
Fixed error with Lasher’s Improved Knockdown and Disarm feats
Fixed error with templates not always applying benefits
Added Iron Body to Metal Domain
Fixed bug with Hathran cohorts
Fixed detect evil uses for multiple classes
Fixed error with Kalashtar racial traits

12ClassFeature RequestMediumLowAMS Content ListWorking
Task Description

This is missing content from AMS. There’s more that could be done, but this is the simpler stuff.

Psion Uncarnate
Quori Nightmare
Quori Mindhunter
Ascetic Psion
Shielded Manifesting
Antipsionic Magic
Energize Armor
Iron Mind (feat)
Strong Mind
Deflective Armor
Du’ulora Ancestor
Focused Shield
Gestalt Anchor
Gestalt Might
Hashalaq Ancestor
Quori Dread
Insidious Terror
Path of Shadows
Psiforged Body

Disciple of the Word

10ClassBug ReportLowMediumSwordsage mega bug thread. Still work in progressWorking
Task Description

SwordSage bugs:

Level 12 – Only insightful strike should be available for selection. Right now, Weapon Focus and Defensive Focus are select-able, causing you to need to re-level
Level 16 – Same as level 12, but for Defensive Focus. Maneuvers:
Shadow Jaunt, Stride, and Blink all only allow you to target NPC’s or PC’s. Should function as Dimension Door and target ground as well. Fool’s Strike does not function Baffling Defense seems to cap at +20 AC, doesn’t “replace” but instead adds.
One with Shadow – Maneuver, doesn’t function Shifting Defense – Stance, does not function Rapid Counter – Maneuver, DOES function?!
Step Of The Dancing Moth – Stance, does not function
Balance on the Sky – Stance, does not function
Stalker in the Night – Strike, does not function
Tornado Throw – Strike, doesn’t function

Lacking Descriptions:
White Raven Hammer - May have bugs, need to test
Ghostly Defense – Stance, doesn’t function
Tactics Of The Wolf – Stance, does not function (technically under Warblade/Crusader, found during testing)

8ClassBug ReportLowLowUtterdark Blast does not heal undeadRequires testing
Task Description

no task description

2CreaturesBug ReportLowLowSeveral NPCs in Custom5 does not have a name in the Too...New
Task Description

Several NPCs in Custom5 does not have a name in the Toolset.

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